Thank you once again for the support you’ve given me over the past two years – it’s true when I say, “I cannot do this without you!” Representing our communities at the Capitol these last two years has been my greatest honor, and I’m asking for your vote once again to elect me to represent our values in St. Paul.

What an incredible start to the year it’s been! First, I soundly secured the DFL endorsement and then was challenged to a primary ballot.  I then “cruised to victory”  over my primary challenger with 86% of the votes cast in my favor. Now, I’m asking for you vote in the general election on November 6th to continue to represent District 41 for two more years.

Please let me know I have your continued support as your State Representative!  With less than a month to go I’ve got mailings and lit to print, stamp, and mail out — and I can’t do it without your help!!

Help me continue our good work by making a refundable contribution to my campaign fund.  The maximum amount is $1000 and of course donors will receive a one-time $50 refund whenever you make a donation of $50 or more ($100 for married couples). This refund is sponsored by the Minnesota Political Contribution Refund program which believes that elections should be funded locally – not funded by millionaires and outside corporate interests.

It is easy to make a $50 refundable contribution to my campaign by using the link below. Count on me to send you a receipt and form to submit to the State to receive your refund. Once you mail in your donation form, the State will send you a refund check as a thank you for participating in our democracy.  The maximum contribution allowable is $1,000 per individual, $2,000 per couple.

I can’t do this alone and so appreciate your continued support in representing our communities at the State.

Thank you for your support!                                                                                                                                                                                                   Mary KP

Or, send a check to:
Mary KP for House
196 Windsor Ct.
New Brighton MN 55112