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A letter to Delegates in District 41,

First, I want to thank you for serving as a delegate in this election cycle, 2020. This is an election of a lifetime, to be sure, and your participation is vital to ensuring that our communities and Minnesota are represented by strong capable leaders who will pull us out of this crisis intact and ready to rebuild our economies. I am ready to do just that as your next state Senator in District 41!

I ask for your endorsement vote during the District’s online voting period of April 24 – May 4th.

Four years ago, I made a promise to District 41B to do my very best to represent the interest of St. Anthony Village, New Brighton, Hilltop, and Columbia Heights. Along the way, I’ve learned so much, passed some great legislation, and established a proven record of bipartisan leadership. Now I am extending this promise to the entire District 41 – and I can’t wait to engage with our neighboring communities of Fridley and Spring Lake Park.

I am committed to: Investing in Strong Families and Strong Economies

I am so proud of our health care providers and first responders who are out there everyday trying to protect our citizens. I am in awe of our teachers who are committed to keeping our kids engaged and supporting their education needs in the most innovative ways. I am also incredibly grateful to our local businesses who feed and supply us with basic necessities – my heartfelt thanks to all of you.

For many families and businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has created enormous hardships, mine included. So many of our neighbors have lost their jobs and health benefits, and won’t be able to pay the rent or mortgage or buy groceries. Still others are struggling to adapt to working from home while managing their busy households. Social distancing also has impacted our interactions with family and loved ones as “reach out and touch someone” has evolved into Skype and Facetime chats.

As I continue to work through all of these issues, I can assure you that the Minnesota state legislature has been working to ensure that we step up to support those in need in the best possible way. This crisis has revealed some of the terrible inequities and injustices that threaten the safety, welfare, and well-being of our most vulnerable neighbors.

As your Senator, I am ready to lead us in rebuilding our economy, restoring our health, safety, and well-being, and renewing community connections. Endorse me!  

Here’s my immediate to-do list:

–  Turn on our economic engines! 

–  Champion policies that build community resiliency to health and financial shocks!

–  Ensure inclusive and equitable participation in safety nets and recovery programs!

I am firmly committed to finding innovative solutions to the tough challenges ahead of us and I’m eager to get started!

Please cast your delegate vote for me – I’m ready to lead our communities into the future, in the right direction.

So, let’s get started! To advance this work, I do need your help. Right now, our campaign is making calls, raising money,  and organizing in our networks. I hope to earn your support – and that you’ll join me along the way.

Join my campaign, make a donation, host a virtual house party in your neighborhood!  

Please drop me a line at I’d love to hear your ideas about our bright future.                                                                               

Keep the 10 days between April 24th and May 4th in mind- those are the days to cast your endorsement vote.                                             I can’t wait to connect and collaborate!

Be well and stay well,


Mary Kunesh-Podein
Minnesota State Legislator
House Assistant Majority Leader
Vice Chair Education Policy Committee